New Online Toolbox! 

Donaldson Australasia has launched a revamped version of our online Toolbox website.
Apart from giving the old site a fresh new look, the latest version of Toolbox boasts a number of improvements in functionality and speed, as well as a more intuitive design and navigation.
With respect to the layout of the site, Donaldson have reverted to offering a design similar to the original PC based Toolbox. This change was made as a direct result of feedback received from users that the original design made Toolbox easier to use and navigate.
Much of the functionality improvements made when Toolbox was first launched online have been retained, with improvements to existing functions, and additional features... 


You will notice that the original landing page is gone, and instead when you launch Toolbox you will be directed straight to the Cross Reference page, which is the most commonly used part of the site. Once there, you will see that you now have a number of options to do a cross reference search.

– Part Number: If you know the exact part number(s) you want to cross, you can simply enter these one at a time. Just hit ‘tab’ to add more numbers then ‘enter’ to search.

– Wild Card: use this search function if you know only a part of the number you’re searching for.

– Automatch: This function is very similar to that of the old PC based Toolbox functioned when searching. As you start to type a part number (after the two characters have been entered), part numbers will start to auto-populate in alpha numeric order - useful when you can’t remember the exact part number you’re looking for. 


The Bulk Cross Reference search has been dramatically improved. Due to the increased processing speed of the site, the number of parts searchable has increased from just 200 to 2,000. Better still, the processing of a bulk cross reference search is conducted “behind the scenes”, which means that if you are doing a particularly large search that may take several minutes, you can continue to use the site to conduct other searches while the bulk search is processed. Once completed a dialogue box will appear informing you that your file is ready. 


After feedback from users, the Toolbox site has reinstated the ‘Add to Parts List’ function, which allows the creation of a ‘shopping list’ of parts that can be exported to either MS Excel or as a PDF. Now when you search for parts you can add as many parts to the shopping list as you want, also specifying the quantity. Once you are ready to export your list just click on the ‘View Parts List’ tab and you can edit your list prior to exporting. 


Another new feature on the latest version of Toolbox is a tab called ‘New Products’. Updated weekly, this page shows parts that have been added to our range in the last three months and specifies whether the part is a ‘stocked’ or ‘demand’ item. 

Your feedback is welcome!


We hope your experience with the new version of Toolbox is a positive one. However, if you experience any problems using Toolbox, or if you have any feedback on how we can improve Toolbox in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your comments.

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