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Full Flow Lube Filters Outperform

TECH TALK - March 2015

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Oil is the life blood of an engine.

Without a good supply of clean oil, an engine is soon in need of repair or rebuild. When an engine is shut down, the pumped oil flow stops, and the majorty of the oil distributed to the moving internal parts drains back to the sump, where it remains until the engine is restarted.

When restarted, the oil pump pushes oil back to all these areas that require constant lubrication, and the long it takes for the oil to reach these parts, the greater the wear that will occur. In fact, the majorty of wear to moving parts in an engine occurs on start-up, during that crucial time it take for the oil to get to where it is needed. This time is increased because oil, when cold, is much thicker than when at operating temperature, it is much harder for the oil pump to push cold oil through the maze of galleries and pipes in the engines lubrication circuit and supply full pressure to the entire lubrication system.

This delay can be further added to by the oil filter. The use of a full-flow oil filter is essential in ensuring the flow of oil is not disrupted during this critical period. A correctly designed and specified full-flow oil filter ensures the oil is cleaned to the engine manufacturers required standard without adding undue resistance to the oil flow, even when cold.

By adding less resistance to oil flow, the oil flows more quickly around the engine, with the entire oil capacity passing through the filter more often, giving more opportunity for harmful contaminant to be captured.

Some filters are a compromise, and try to do too much, but end up not doing any part of the filtration job well. They just end up adding significant restriction to the oil flow - causing increased engine wear during that all-important cold start-up period. Filters that use two-stage or built-in bypass designs can add significantly to flow resistance. Components such as venturis, restrictive designs and old technology or cellulose media can all contribute to a loss of oil flow in the engine and increase in wear particularly when the oil is cold and thick. The use of this type of filter just does not stack up compared to the benefits of faster, better oil flow provided by a full-flow oil filter.

Provide better protection for your valuable engine by ensuring you have full oil flow all the time.


Full Flow Lube Filters for Cummins® ISX Engines


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