Kits And Accessories

Donaldson offers a number of filter kits for various applications which provide ease of ordering and offer savings when compared to purchasing the products individually. Donaldson also has a wide range of accessories to support our air and liquid filters to help provide versatility for all types of mounting applications.

Heavy Duty 4WD Filter Kits

Protect your investment with heavy-duty 4WD filters from the diesel engine filtration experts.

4WD_Brochure.png With Donaldson's 4WD Filter Kits, your engine will operate with better protection between filter replacements and save you on costly downtime and repairs. Effective and efficient filtration is the best preventative maintenance for hard-working 4WD's.

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For individual product profiles please visit and select the appropriate application.


Added Protection for HPCR Engines


P902976 11 Micron Diesel
Fuel Filter Kit

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P903316 3 Micron High Efficiency
Diesel Fuel Filter Kit

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P903074 3 Micron Chassis Mount
Diesel Fuel Filter Kit

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Liquid Filter Maintenance Kits

Making It Easy - Liquid Filter Maintenance Kits from the filter kit specialists

LFK-Image.jpgDonaldson Lqiuid Filter Maintenance Kits are available to suit most popular medium to heavy-duty, on and off-road diesel vehicles. This comprehensive range of Liquid Filter Maintenance Kits covers over 50 applications with more planned for release later in the year. Each kit includes the necessary lube and fuel filters to help make servicing (and stocking filters) simple and easy.

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Filter Kits


X900056 Kubota Ice Pack Filter Kit

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Bulk Fuel Tank Kit
Ideal for Overhead & Portable Tanks

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P506073 Clean & Dry Kit Kit
Ideal for all diesel fuel applications up to 189 lpm

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Product Profiles are documents we frequently release to highlight recent additions to our product range. These profiles also provide further details such as part numbers, dimensions, specifications, pack quantities and kit contents. We regularly release new Product Profiles so be sure to check back here regularly to see the latest additions.