Your favorite 4WD Filter Kits are now even better!

From December 2015 onwards Donaldson's popular range of 4WD Filter Kits will be supplied in a new full colour carton.

The new carton clearly displays the make, model and engine details as well as highlighting why your choice of Donaldson Filters for your heavy dury application is the right choice!


As of 1st December Donaldson 4WD Filter Kits previous part numbers will be superceded. Donaldson 4WD Filter Kits with a current part numbering system of P90**** will become X90****. The last 6 digits in the part numer will remain the same, for example P902716 will become X902716. You don't need to change or re-label any stock you have.

As we make this transition some orders placed for the P90 part numbers may be shipped as the new X90 part numbers. Customer Service will work with you to help make this transition as smooth as possible.

For the latest product releases and supercessions please  >>Click Here<<

All changes will be available in Toolbox the first week of December. If you have any concerns or queries, always consult your Donaldson Territory Manager.



With Donaldson 4WD Filter kits, your engine will operate with better protection between filter replacements and save you on costly downtime and repairs. Effective and efficient filtration is the best preventative maintenance for hard-working 4WD's.