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September 2014

New PowerCore PCD Air Cleaner AssembliesPowerCore-PCD.jpg

Donaldson PowerCore PCD air cleaners offer single-stage filtration in a compact unit and are ideal for on-highway trucks and other applications in light to medium dust conditions.

The PCD family - which includes PCD09, PCD10 offers performance for engine airflow ranges up to 974 cfm. Its obround housing shape allows for a narrow or wide mounting orientation with side access for easy filter service and maintenance.

PowerCore PSD14 Air Cleaners

The PSD14 Air Cleaner expands the highly successful PowerCore PSD family of air cleaners with the airflow range extending from 176 to 1450 cfm - offering unprecedented versatility for heavy duty equipment that operates in medium-to-heavy dust environments.The PowerCore PSD family - which also includes the PSD08, PSD09, PSD10, PSD12 delivers superior filtration performance and maximum service life that offers trusted features and benefits of two-stage filtration (with a built-in pre-cleaner) in a single, compact unit.Donaldson PowerCore technology delivers:
  • System design flexibility
  • Metal-free, light weight materials
  • Rugged construction
  • Straight through airflow technology invented by Donaldson
For more information on Donaldson PowerCore Air Cleaner Assemblies please click here

Better Fuel Filtration is Key for Modern Fuel Systems

Today's diesel engines need to maintain high performance levels to remain compliant with stringent Tier 4 emissions regulations. Fuel filtration plays a key role, with current high pressure common rail fuel injectors operating at pressures up to 30,000 - 45,000 psi (2,000 - 3,100 bar). This means it's important to deliver CLEAN FUEL to today's precision fuel system pumps and injectors to maintain performance.

Today's engines also operate in a wide range of environments that include vibration, fuel pump pulsation and surging fuel flows. It all adds up to big challenges for your fuel filters.

We're raising the standard in filter performance


On-engine fuel filters are your last chance to remove contaminant from your fuel system. It's key that your filters remove - and retain - as much contaminant as possible in all types of operating conditions.

Donaldson Blue™ DBF5782 filters with Synteq XP media technology provide premium protection for your QSK engine fuel systems. They offer better contaminant removal and better contaminant retention under the dynamic operating conditions that your engines and equipment experience every day.

Cummins® is a registered trademark of Cummins Inc.

To find out more information download our latest Fuel Filtration for Cummins® QSK Engines brochure

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Bulk Oil Service System

P506081 B.O.S.S. Lite


The Donaldson B.O.S.S. Lite provides off-line filtration in a light weight compact package.

Designed for difficult access locations, the Donaldson B.O.S.S. Lite offers compact, light weight portability with heavy duty filtration performance.

Use it to achieve and maintain ISO cleanliness standards for gearbox oils and other fluids in applications such as wind turbines or elevated positions.

The Donaldson B.O.S.S. Lite is a great choice for protecting your equipment from wear and failure caused by fluid contamination.

pdficon_small.png B.O.S.S. Lite Product Profile


Clean Fuel and Lubricant Solutions

P575333 - Single pass filtration targeting an ISO cleanlines code of 14/13/11


Donaldson spin-on elements enable fast, simple and clean servicing, without the requirement of specialised tooling.

Donaldson P575333 contains D.E.R.T. (Donaldson Electrostatic Reduction Technology) to minimise the effects of Electrostatic Discharge at high flow rates, ensuring your bulk fuel filtration provides the targeted ISO cleanliness for the duration of its service life.

Spin-on elements capture your fuels contaminant within the replaceable can, eliminating the manual removal and cleaning of contamination ususally required with fixed infrastructure. The P575333 spin-on elements can be configured for high flow rates with minimal pressure drop.

pdficon_small.png P575333 Product Profile


Donaldson has your covered


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