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JUNE 2014

Full-Flow Lube Filters for Cummins® ISX Engines


BY MEASUREMENTS THAT MATTER - Donaldson Lube Filters Outperform

Every oil filter needs to effectively balance three characteristics: Efficiency (contaminant removal), Capacity (contamination holding ability) and Restriction (resistance to oil flow). Donaldson full-flow lube filters process the entire regulated oil flow through our pleated elements, even in cold temperatures - meaning your engine receives critical lubrication protection. Two-stage stacked disc filters allow only a portion of the flow to pass through the high-efficiency stage - which means more contaminant can pass on to the engine.

That's precisely why Donaldson recommends full-flow lube filters that strike the right balance for Cummins ISX and other heavy-duty engines. Donaldson filters deliver:

  • Ultra-high efficiency on fine particulate and oil degradtion (sludge),
  • Higher contaminant holding capacity, and
  • Minimum oil flow restriction.

It all adds up to filters that provide critical engine component lubrication - and simply deliver better engine protection.

Donaldson offers three different lube filters for ISX engines that keep oil cleaner by capturing more contaminant that can cause engine wear.

Download our latest brochure to find the filter that best fits your requirements.

Cummins® is a registered trademark of Cummins Inc.

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Engine Filtration News - Volume 3 Issue 8 (June 2014)

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